Delivering a Single Web Presence for the Government of Canada to Better Serve Citizens

Thu, Sep 24, 2015
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As part of its commitment to better serve citizens and businesses, the Government of Canada (GC) launched a multi-year Web Renewal Initiative (WRI) to make its online information and services easier to find and use through a single, user-centric website at

GC departments and agencies will migrate their active content into and use web services for web publishing and hosting, web search, web analytics, online citizen engagement and social media account management.

Adobe Systems Canada was recently awarded the hosted Managed Web Service (MWS) in support of the Web Renewal Initiative. The GC will benefit from hosted web management on the Adobe Experience Manager platform which will incorporate central oversight and distributed content management with reporting of the collective web experience across the entire GC web domain using Adobe Analytics.

Through the WRI, Canadians will benefit from a single web presence to access services and find information from the Government of Canada online using any device.

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  • Learn what is included in the scope of this New Managed Web Service for the GC
  • Understand the opportunities for departments and agencies as the GC streamlines its web presence
  • Identify the Government of Canada’s expectations for Managed Web Services; and
  • Explore how Adobe, together with its Partners and the Government of Canada, will address these needs moving forward
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