IT Security: Are you spending enough -- or too much?

Wed, Oct 28, 2015
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Investing in IT security is a necessity in today’s online world — particularly for oft-targeted government departments. That said, while you can never be too safe, it is possible to overspend on security. 

To adequately protect your department from breaches without unnecessarily overextending your financial resources, you need a strategy. In a recent IDC report, Determining How Much to Spend on Internet Security: The Canadian Perspective, researchers used security investment data from over 200 Canadian organizations—exploring such factors as budgets, recent breaches and maturity levels—to establish a baseline for IT security strategies. 

On Wednesday, October 28, IBM will delve deeper into these strategies, and the findings of the report, featuring the insights of IBM’s IT security subject matter experts:

Sonia Daigle, Business Unit Executive, Security Software — Canada and Caribbean 

Steven Leo, Business Unit Executive, Security Services Canada

The webinar and subsequent live question and answer session will offer additional, pertinent information to assist you in creating a financially sound long-term IT security plan.

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