The Fight Against Cybercrime Starts with Your Endpoints

Wed, Mar 23, 2016
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As our online world evolves, network endpoints—which include desktops, mobile devices, servers and kiosks—are proliferating at a rapid pace, making organizations increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats. Traditional security solutions—such as anti-virus and anti-spyware software—can’t keep up, and no longer offer sufficient 24/7 protection against today’s sophisticated cybercriminals.

To effectively protect themselves, organizations across all industries must develop solid, holistic endpoint security strategies. In this upcoming webinar, The fight against cybercrime starts with your  endpoints ,John Beal, National Leader for SaaS, Endpoint & Mobile Security Solutions, IBM and Carl Olejniczak, Senior Account Executive, IBM MaaS360 will walk attendees through the critical elements of a modern security infrastructure.

In addition to leading-edge insights and analysis, the webinar will provide tangible, helpful tips on how to:

·        Prevent suspicious behaviour on an ongoing basis
·        Detect—and mitigate—threats before breaches occur
·        Implement rapid response plans
·        Develop adaptable security roadmaps
·        Find a security solution that’s right for your organization
·        Effectively roll out your endpoint security strategy

Determining whether your organization’s endpoints are vulnerable, protected, compliant or compromised is the first step towards achieving an effective security strategy. This webinar will offer the information you need to confidently answer that question—and find answers to many more.

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